How do I make a reservation?

You can either process your reservation request online via our reservation system, directly by E-Mail or phone. The individual restaurant manager will inform you on the final availability.
Please note that the restaurant will keep your reservation for additional 15 minutes after stated arrival time only and cannot grant the table availability afterwards. Cancellations, late arrival or change of number of guests are to be announced minimum 90 minutes prior to booking time.
Due to high reservation demand during holidays, special celebration days as Valentines or occasionally during weekends, the restaurants might require a reservation deposit, especially for larger groups. This request will be addressed directly at these occurring periods.

Are your meat products Halal certified?

All our meat products are Halal certified – The Arabic word ‚Halal’ means ‚permissable’ or ‚lawful’ and in the case of food, the Halal certificate ensures that the meat complies with the religious ritual, observance and is allowed to be eaten according to the Islamic Shari law.

Halal is similar to the concept of “kosher” food requirements under Jewish dietary law, and refers to food, drink and other consumables that Muslims consume as part of Islamic dietary requirements. Due to the importance of the Muslim consumer market, the meat industry has implemented guidelines and certification. Country specific Islamic organisations are licensed to supervise, inspect and certify Halal meat while ensuring that the Halal meat processing complies a 100% with the strict guidelines. Such guidelines contain the feeding and raising process, slaughtering process, equipment and meat handling etc.

Can you accommodate private/corporate events?

Our restaurants allow separate areas or, depending on the location, floor exclusivity for your private or corporate events. If you wish to have a more casual pass around food and drink service or a sit-down dinner, with your group, please feel free to contact your desired location with your specific request.

What are your opening hours and how about parking, or arrival by public transportation?

Our opening hours vary on city and location. Please click on the category ‘Locations’, choose your desired restaurant and find all details on area, restaurant, opening hours, menu as well as parking and public transport.

Can you issue an invoice on my company?

If you require a company invoice, please provide the full company details to the cashier at payment request.

Do you have vegetarian meal options?

As a steakhouse our main focus is of course on our meat, but we do have vegetarian options in the starters, salads, pasta and side dishes. Please have a look at our menus and we are certain you will find something.

Do you have a dress code?

We do not have a formal dress code and are welcoming our guests in whatever attire they feel most comfortable, while the majority of our guests are generally dressed in casual or smart casual.

Do you have highchairs for my children?

All our restaurants have highchairs available for children and we do not require pre-announcement on accommodation of children.

Can I bring my own cake for my celebration?

We are happy to support your celebration at our restaurant and store your own cake until serving. Please inform the restaurant in advance.

Do you have corkage fee?

Depending on the country, a corkage fee is charged if you bring your own wine, spirits or Champagne. In Thailand 600 THB apply to wines, 1,000 THB to spirits and Champagne. In Vietnam corkage is charged at 400,000 VND for wine and 800,000 VND for spirits and Champagne.

Do you have VIP rooms?

Depending on the location, we offer fully private room and semi-private corners for a certain number of guests. Please contact the restaurant directly for specific requests and further information.

What are your payment options?

Our restaurants accept cash payments as well as payments by credit cards. Available payment by credit card in Vietnam are MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express, JCB. Available payments by credit card in Thailand are MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express,JCB and UnionPay.

Can I purchase vouchers from your restaurant and how do I redeem them?

All our restaurants are offering gift certificates for easy purchase directly at the restaurant. If you are holding a voucher which you would like to redeem after dining, please inform our staff when requesting the bill, in order for us to offset it during check the out process.

Do you have free Wifi?

All our restaurants offer free Wifi, please ask our employees for the dedicated password.